Look, up in the sky!

A mini-symposium on art and drones with Honor Harger and James Bridle.

Advances in drone-technology demonstrate that as technologies become more and more ubiquitous, it also becomes increasingly difficult to observe when, where and how their use affects us. In order to ensure our ability to be critical of the impact that such technologies have, artists play a crucial role in exposing their use. Building on a history of artists documenting the use of technology in warfare, a growing body of work by contemporary artists currently raises critical, often ethical, issues around the use of drone-technology.

This mini-symposium will address these issues by looking ‘up in the sky’ with artist, publisher and technologist James Bridle, who will speak about his artistic projects on drones and the ‘drones-eye-view’, and Lighthouse director Honor Harger, who will look at the artistic interrogation of drones from a curatorial point of view. A closing discussion, opened by Bram Crevits (curator of the coinciding exhibition Drones / Birds – Princes of Ubiquity) and moderated by Michel van Dartel (curator at V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media), will go deeper into the global effects of drone-technology and the role that artists play in creating a critical dialogue around it.

Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a drone looking back at you?

In collaboration with & Transmedia

Date: 16 April 2013

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm

Location: BOZAR

Entrance: 7,- € / students 5,- €

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James Bridle (UK)

James Bridle is a writer, artist, publisher and technologist usually based in London, UK. His work covers the intersection of literature, culture and the network. He has written for WIRED, ICON, Domus, Cabinet, the Atlantic and many other publications, and writes a regular column for the Observer newspaper on publishing and technology. James speaks worldwide at events including SXSW (Austin), dConstruct (Brighton), LIFT (Geneva), Web Directions (Sydney) and NEXT (Berlin).

In 2011, he coined the term “New Aesthetic”, and his ongoing research around this subject has been featured and discussed worldwide. His work, such as the Iraq War Historiography, an encyclopaedia of Wikipedia Changelogs, has been exhibited at galleries in the US, Europe and Asia, and has been commissioned by organisations such as Artangel and Mu, Eindhoven. In 2012 he was a Happenstance resident at Lighthouse Gallery, lectured as part of the 4 Thought series on BBC Radio 4, contributed to the Istanbul Design Biennial and Guimaraes 2012 European City of Culture, and was adjunct professor on the Interactive Telecommunications Programme at New York University. / /

Honor Harger (UK)

Honor Harger (born Dunedin, 1975) is a curator and artist from New Zealand. She became Artistic Director of Lighthouse on 1 February 2013. Honor has worked at the intersection between contemporary art, moving image, and the digital creative industries for over 15 years. As a curator, she has specialised large-scale interdisciplinary exhibitions and events that explore the cultural impact of scientific ideas and how digital technology is shaping society. Key recent examples include the Lighthouse projects, Laboratory Life, Invisible Fields and Solar Systems.

Honor’s commitment to work which operates at the interstices between art, technology and science is rooted in her artistic practice, which is produced under the name r a d i o q u a l i a together with collaborator, Adam Hyde. She gives talks regularly, including at conferences such as TED and Lift, as well as places like the European Space Agency, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the California Institute of the Arts, and the American Film Institute.

‘A Drones-Eyeview: A Look at How Artists are Revealing the Killing Fields’ by Honor Harger.

Read the publication here  /

Moderated by

Michel Van Dartel (V2_Institute for Unstable Media, NL)

Michel van Dartel (NL) is a curator at V2_Institute for the Unstable Media and the Dutch Electronic Art Festival. Currently he also is guest curator at art center TENT, MU gallery and the Energize festival, and teaches at Luca Brussels University College and Hanze University of Applied Science. Besides curating and teaching, Michel is associate editor of the Journal for Artistic Research and works as advisor to a.o. the Mondriaan Foundation, Creative Industries Fund NL, and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Among his recent publications is the e-book New Aesthetic, New Anxieties, which he co-authored together with David Berry, Michael Dieter, Michelle Kasprzak, Nat Muller, Rachel O’Reilly, and José Luis Vicente. Michel holds an MSc in Cognitive Psychology and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

New Aesthetic, New Anxieties is the result of a five day Book Sprint organized by Michelle Kasprzak and led by Adam Hyde at V2_ from June 17–21, 2012.

Download the publication here